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Talking Circle: The Gifted Saboteur

It’s time to for us all to face the scary truth… Fear is a beast. It is sneaky, always lurking around corners, ready to throw us off our game…when we are not careful. It uses everything it can to sabotage our progress, often leaving us feel hopeless and defeated. But when we recognize fear for the gifted saboteur that it is, and then learn how to spot and address it’s tactics, we become unstoppable!

During The Gifted Saboteur, we will…

  • talk about what fear looks like, how it shows up in our lives and how we address it, 

  • explore ways to begin to address the stories that make self-sabotage an easy option, and

  • discuss ways reclaim and stand in our power even in the midst of situations that could lend to a fear response. 

Registration Fee - $20 per person. Refreshments provided.

NOTE: Talking Circles are currently limited to a max of 6 participants.

Got questions? Email ( or call (301.392.7185) Sherry.

Talking Circlesoriginally used by indigenous people of the United States, are designed to provide a space that encourages open dialogue, problem-solving, healing and growth. With those principles in mind, our Talking Circle sessions are small group conversations designed to help you explore the root of what keeps you from connecting fully to your inner voice, passions and purpose. The space and conversations are as sacred and special as you are. 

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