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Talking Circle: That Fire Within

Believe it or not, we all have a small, gentle fire burning within. That fire lights the path to our passions and overall purpose…when we allow it. Unfortunately, we often choose to dim our fire’s light or ignore it altogether, feeling unsure of where it will lead us. But when we trust the process, the fire leads and speaks in life-changing ways. 

During That Fire Within, we will…

  • we will talk about how to identify, connect to and/or reignite our personal fire, 

  • discuss how to address the internal conversations that muddy our path, preventing us from staying connected to the fire within, and 

  • explore ways to build self-trust and stay grounded in our purpose even when facing challenges along the way.  

Registration Fee - $20 per person. Refreshments provided.

NOTE: Talking Circles are currently limited to a max of 6 participants.

Got questions? Email ( or call (301.392.7185) Sherry.

Talking Circlesoriginally used by indigenous people of the United States, are designed to provide a space that encourages open dialogue, problem-solving, healing and growth. With those principles in mind, our Talking Circle sessions are small group conversations designed to help you explore the root of what keeps you from connecting fully to your inner voice, passions and purpose. The space and conversations are as sacred and special as you are.

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