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Talking Circle: Dancing in the Rainbow

  • Pershing Court 804 Pershing Drive Silver Spring United States (map)

As children, everything begins with Curiosity and Trust, gifts that lead to joy-filled belly laughs and bright-eyed smiles. And then all of a sudden, as though it happened overnight, the gifts of our youth become hidden by the rigors of expectation. But, in order to live the life we truly desire, we have to reconnect to those early gifts as they feed our passions and light our path.

During Dancing in the Rainbow we will…

  • explore what it means to “dance in the rainbow" and why it is important to reconnect to that colorful, free space within;

  • talk about what it FEELS like to dance in YOUR rainbow;

  • discuss how to begin to uncover the stories that prevent us from living from that place of freedom and;

  • talk about how to find the colors in YOUR personal rainbow.

Fee - $20 per person. Refreshments provided.

NOTE: Talking Circles are currently limited to a max of 6 participants.

Got questions? Email ( or call (301.392.7185) Sherry.

Talking Circlesoriginally used by indigenous people of the United States, are designed to provide a space that encourages open dialogue, problem-solving, healing and growth. With those principles in mind, our Talking Circle sessions are small group conversations designed to help you explore the root of what keeps you from connecting fully to your inner voice, passions and purpose. The space and conversations are as sacred and special as you are.

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