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Talking Circle - Are You Communicating with Compassion?

  • Silver Spring, MD (map)

"When we are compassionate, we consider another's circumstance with love rather than judgement. To be compassionate is to move into the right here, right now with an open heart and a willingness to be supportive." ~ Unknown

Every day we engage in communication -- with others and ourselves. But, when we do not engage in communication with compassion, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and frustration can follow. 

Although not always easy, it is important to create a space of compassion when faced with difficult interactions and/or conversations. When choosing this road over harsh words, wrath, etc, we open the door for healing and growth to begin. 

Join me to learn more about how to create opportunities for compassion in your interactions with others and yourself. 

NOTE: This event is limited to 5 participants. 

Fee - $10 per person ($5 is refundable after event attendance). Complete location details will be shared upon completion of registration.

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