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Talking Circle: Is Your GPS Working?

When was the last time you were headed to an unfamiliar area and, instead of pulling out your handy-dandy GPS to give you both directions and a good ETA, you chose to trust your internal compass as a guide? Have you ever wondered why we are more willing to trust the guidance that comes from devices that can have a tendency to be moody and incorrect MORE THAN we trust our own good sense and wisdom?

During Is Your GPS Working?, we will…

  • explore why we are willing to trust the guidance/voice of others over our own and how to begin to create more trust from within;

  • discuss how fear challenges our ability to clearly see our path and trust our ability to get to the desired destination and what to do about it and;

  • talk about how to reset when we find ourselves veering off our path.

Registration Fee - $20 per person. Refreshments provided.

NOTE: Talking Circles are currently limited to a max of 6 participants.

Got questions? Email ( or call (301.392.7185) Sherry.

Talking Circlesoriginally used by indigenous people of the United States, are designed to provide a space that encourages open dialogue, problem-solving, healing and growth. With those principles in mind, our Talking Circle sessions are small group conversations designed to help you explore the root of what keeps you from connecting fully to your inner voice, passions and purpose. The space and conversations are as sacred and special as you are.