Tool Box Coaching Session

Tool Box Coaching Session

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Have you ever felt focused on your goals, ready to take on the world, making BIG things happen along the way?

And then, out of (seemingly) nowhere, found yourself feeling derailed, off course and unsure how to get back on track?

We all have those moments. And there are times when falling off track feels like the end of the world, leaving us feeling unsure how to pull it all back together.

In order to get back on our path, it is important to have tools in place that will guide us, reminding us of our value, our strength and our purpose. When we turn to the tools that speak to us, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow.

So tell me, what is in your tool box?

Don’t know?

That means it is time for a Tool Box Coaching Session.

During your personalized Tool Box Coaching Session we will:

  • explore what you want in and for you life and the WHY? behind it;

  • discuss the importance of Creating Compassion, Getting Curious, Taking Risks and Building Trust;

  • create a “tool box”, specific to your needs, designed to help you stay focused on your goals and reset your path as needed.

Tool Box Coaching Sessions are $200 for 90 minutes. All supplies are provided.

Want to know more? Message me to set up a time to talk about it!

NOTE:  I know the value of the “tool box” because I have created (and recreated) my own!

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