chrys · a · lid (aka chrysalis) ~ A protective covering where miraculous transformation begins.

From the chrysalid (a.k.a. chrysalis) comes the butterfly. As we see these majestic creatures flit about, seeming to care about nothing more than their next landing place, rarely do we take time to consider the journey that led to the beauty of this creature. 

As long as we have breath in our bodies, we have the opportunity for Transformation in our lives. Transformation similar to that of the butterfly. Transformation allowing us to live a majestic life of fulfillment and joy. 

Sherry Samuels has spent years peeling back the layers of her Chrysalid. Bit by bit, she has chipped away at the hard, outer-covering that served as a barrier to creating the life she desired. Through that ongoing work, she has become passionate about supporting others as they create their own Chrysalid Transformation. 

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