Within each voice is an unstoppable power. A power that, when used, has the ability to changes lives, yours and mine, for the better.

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In getting ready for the interview for Tracy Imm's podcast, Brave Girls with Tracy Imm, Sherry thought a lot about how she sees bravery. In her conversation with Tracy she shares some of the ups and downs in her journey and how her personal bravery forever changed her life.

Check out her conversation with Tracy Imm here.

Sherry joined friend and colleague, 40 Lessons, for a conversation about the importance of creating safe spaces in all our relationships and shared tips on doing just that. Check it out here.


On April 27th, Sherry shared her passion for supporting parents and teens in her talk, Turn off the Pressure Cooker: Managing Change & Minimizing Stressors, at the 2019 Beyond a Dream youth conference in Baltimore, MD. She led an inspiring discussion about how to manage expectations, embrace change and focus on positive self-talk in all aspects of our lives — from school to work.

In Sherry’s interview with Jamilah Corbitt, host of the live talk show, Mavericks on the Move, she talks about committing to our intentions and goals in a way that sets us up for success. Check it out here.

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In the Winter 2018 issue of Her Mind magazine, Sherry shares her thoughts about networking and the importance of finding the right connecting fit. Check out the article here.