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 Hi Again! In case you forgot in the midst of all the clicking, my name is Sherry Samuels and I Am a certified life coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and writer who believes that, when we know the sound of our Inner Voice, and understand its power, we are able to live and work from a place of confidence and focus that lends to success in all areas of our life. 

Whether working with adults or teens, I use the power of our innate curiosity to create growth opportunities that speak to the needs of each individual. Our work together will help you identify the barriers to your success, set & achieve goals and improve both interpersonal & intrapersonal communication.  

A Hoosier by birth and a Peach at heart, I have created a life that feels like some magical blend of what I call Midwestern-Southern Human-ness (It’s great…you’ll see!). I STILL love driving down the highway in the Summer and seeing endless rows of corn at its peak and will gladly strike up conversation with anyone who is willing (and sometimes not-so-willing) to participate. I also love everything about cooking and entertaining (except the cleaning), often calling the kitchen my playground. 


Thinking about inviting me to join you on the next part of your journey? Message me for your complimentary, 20-minute connection call.