Finding HAPPY-ness...EVERY DAY!

What would happen if you were challenged to find a happy moment in every day of your life for 100 days straight? 

If you’re anything like me, you MIGHT feel a little uncomfortable with that idea. At least at first. 

On June 12th I saw someone post a message on Instagram about their decision to embark on a #100happydays challenge where she would post/share a happy moment from each of the next 100 days. 

Intrigued, I commented on the post, saying something to the effect of how I would think about considering the idea of possibly doing something like this for myself one day in the near or maybe not-so-near future. 

The response I received was something to the effect of, “Why not now? Why not today?” 

So, on June 12th, I embarked on my first #100happydays challenge. 

And now I challenge you to join me. It doesn’t matter that I already started, what matters is that YOU start…TODAY. 


Here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Decide to start today, setting the intention that, come what may, you WILL allow yourself to find the HAPPY-ness in each day. 
  • Send me an email ( or message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter noting that you are committing so I can support/encourage you. Your day one will be MY day one! 
  • Post your HAPPY-ies on your social media account(s) with #100happydays. And tag me too! 

It’s just that simple! And believe it or not, this challenge is fun and a great way to stay focused on creating and sustaining HAPPY-ness (and joy) in your life!