In order to reach our goals, we have to decide to stop, roll up our sleeves and take a close look inside as we begin the process of clearing those things that do not serve our Highest Good.

Are you ready to get to work? 

  • You have the option to choose in-person or virtual coaching sessions.*

  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions are 60 minutes (in-person or virtual).

  • Couples Coaching sessions are 75 minutes (in-person only).

  • Coaching programs/activities are structured around your needs.

  • You will receive (limited) email support for up to 30 days from appointment date.

  • A 10% incentive is offered when paying for 4 or more coaching sessions in advance. 

*Sherry's office is conveniently located in Downtown Silver Spring, MD, a (relatively) short walk from the Silver Spring Metro line. Daytime, evening and weekend appointment options are available. Virtual sessions take place using Zoom.

For complete pricing information and details on how to move forward, contact Sherry directly at or 301.392.7185 OR you can submit your inquiry through the contact page.