We are mighty alone, but in the company of kindred spirits, our strength grows exponentially.

Are you that person who is going from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning —  from one activity or thing to the next, a constant, “Go! Go! Go!”

For so many of us, this is the norm. We eat on the go. We talk on the go. If we could, we would likely sleep on the go.

But WHY?! Because that is what we are "supposed" to do? Because we do not want to disappoint? Because...just because?

In all the going, we forget what is really important - moments to connect with others, sharing honestly, honoring our true identity; taking time to be so silly that we find ourselves laughing from the depths of our soul; finding time to let our hair down and play a little. 

In the “Go! Go! Go!” we can easily lose ourselves, forgetting how to experience the miraculous around us and beauty within us.

When we come together with the intention of creating a space for healing and growth, we open the door for deep, abiding Transformation. 

All workshops create opportunities to enjoy inspiring conversation, to laugh & play and breathe deeply without fear of judgment. And all with a group of others who have a desire to truly experience the same.

NOTE:  Talking Circles take place monthly and may vary in location and cost. To learn more about the events visit our Happenings page or email sherry@sherrysamuels.com.  


Are you ready to slow the go, to laugh, to talk and just let your hair down? Check out the Happenings page for all event details.