2019: My Year in Review

When I was a kid, I remember thinking that, outside of Summer vacation, time seemed to move SO SLOW. As an adult, I swear it feels like I blink and three months fly by. I mean, wasn’t it just yesterday that I was gearing up for the start of 2019, full of manageable goals and solid intentions? 

Although this year has been a whirlwind, I must say that it has been one of the best whirlwinds of my life and I could not be more grateful to have this time to look back and reflect on all that has unfolded. 

We definitely started with a bang, closing on our first home together on January 3th. It felt like the journey to closing was never ending. Yes, I know plenty of people spend more than six months looking for the right place, but for us, that six months felt like an eternity. But now we have settled in and continue to celebrate completing big projects like replacing the floors and updating the cabinets in the kitchen. Who knew we would be so handy. 

I can’t believe how much the business has grown. It is more than I expected but all manageable and it’s oh-so-exciting. In addition to my main work with individuals, I have had the amazing opportunity to take on more corporate clients, teaching teams how a focus on “compassionate communication” builds productivity and feelings of success. And on to of that, I completed the social and emotional learning professional development program I designed to help teachers better understand how to support their students — especially in more “at risk” communities. So much has gone on and there have been many times where I pinched myself in disbelief at how beautifully all my professional dreams were coming together. 


And the REALLY BIG news is that I FINALLY finished my book! It has been a labor of love that has brought me unspeakable joy to complete and share with the masses. I had so many questions about the hows and whens, but everything came together easily and effortlessly when I made the decision to tell fear to take a back seat because I had work to do! Absolutely liberating! 

We finally made our way to Hawaii! Hot diggity! Best trip EVER! It’s amazing how rejuvenating sun and water can be. We made a pit stop in California to see a cousin on the way back to Maryland. Vacation definitely makes me happy. 

I made self-care a real priority this year. I took more salt baths. I went for massages and facials. I took nature walks. I went to the gym regularly. All of this helped me realize that life is just too short to not ALWAYS remember to put me first. And when I do, everything else falls into place. 

What a glorious year! Everything wasn’t perfect, but it was my life and I embraced every moment of it, taking the lows with stride, knowing that it all had purpose in my greater story. And the highs? Well, you know exactly what I did with them… I rode them like a wave, putting them in my Joy reserves for good measure! 

And what is REALLY exciting is that 2020 has no choice but to be even better!