Words to My Beloved

My Beloved Sherry,

I will start with an apology. It has been far too long since I have put pen to paper for you, sharing the unseen places of my heart with you, offering sentiments of tenderness and affection. Far too often my offerings to you consist of disappointed grumbles, woeful sadness or plain old blah ramblings about the list of things that must be done for some reason I’ve unconsciously made up.

But, as I sit here today, thinking about you and us, I realize that I don’t tell you enough just how much I admire you -- your passion, exuberance, wit and courage are to be lauded. You have experienced great heartache and, when some would struggle to move, you manage to dust yourself off, ever-curious about how to move forward in a new, stronger and somehow more-hopeful light.

You have this way of lighting up a room even when your insides feel heavy, allowing compassion and joy to speak louder than dread and doubt. As I see that side of you, I realize that you have managed to glean the absolute best qualities of Mom and Dad, making them your very own.

Guess what! I’m writing and smiling as flashes of this time and that run through my mind’s eye. I Am so lucky and grateful to be a part of you. I Am excited to continue the journey through life with you, hand-in-hand.

I promise to be kinder to you, to pause more often to dive into the joy that is you.

I promise to applaud you daily, honoring both the strength that holds you up and the delicate moments that leave us speechless.

I promise to create homemade Flashmob moments with you where we sing Adele and Whitney Houston songs at the top of our lungs to our own brand of interpretive dance.  

I promise to always be your Beloved, sitting quietly as you meditate in the mornings, writing letters full of words that feed your soul and taking adventures with you that inspire joy.

With Love,

Your Beloved Sherry

Are you ready to take your love affair with yourself to the next level? Start with a love letter. No matter how short or long, taking time to connect with yourself in this way, hearing the soft, loving sound of your Inner Voice, is an opportunity for healing and growth.

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