Have You Seen My House?


We began our search with six months to spare and a spirit full of excitement, believing we would land in some gorgeous bungalow on a corner lot, or maybe in a cul de sac. The front yard would be modest, requiring minimal attention. The back yard would be flat, covered in Kelly green grass with access from the kitchen that would make Summer barbecues easy-breezy. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open concept, no stairs and a fire place for cozying up on those cold Winter nights. Location was key — close to the city was a “must”. 

Day after day we perused the sites, watching the days tick by. Weekend after weekend, in and out of this house and that, weighed down by conversations of how it could be “the one”. As time passed, we began to question everything, wondering if we would find OUR home in time. 

And then it happened. One day, on a whim, we landed in a neighborhood we had not considered. A neighborhood just five miles from the apartment we had called home for four years. A neighborhood that felt comfortable, like home. A neighborhood that only got a second thought after our agent said, “Let’s just see.”

I walked in skeptical, verging on unwilling. There were stairs and only two bedrooms. No back yard to speak of, so no Kelly green grass to roll around on. The outside access was downstairs, the kitchen was upstairs. 

Hmm… A feeling in the pit of my stomach that I could not begin to understand or explain. We continued to explore, my mind filling with possibility.


It offered little that we said we wanted, but creating feelings we both knew we needed. It felt like HOME. 

But how was that possible? How was I in love? 

And then it came to me…

Far too much of my list was based on what I thought I SHOULD want at this point in my life. My thoughts were in one place, but my heart another. For six months they were at odds, fighting for a say in this race. 

As I settled into the visions of OUR new home, I settled more-deeply into me, my marriage and our future. I took off those tight shoes that did not fit my feet and stepped into my own, the ones that will walk me through every challenge and every triumph.  

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