Where the Fruit Is

“Good morning, Sherry Samuels.”

“Good morning, Owen Samuels.”

“How are you today? Are you at work or home?”

“Not too bad. Determined to make it a good, productive day. How are you?” 

“Like you tell your Dad, every day is a good day as long as we are alive.” 

“Yep! I’m too much like you sometimes, always working about something. LOL!”

“Worrying makes us sad and sick. So like we say in the old country, ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’”

“I love you, Dad!” 

“I love you too, my beautiful sunshine. 

(Insert heart eyes emoji from me to the old man.)

“We must first be a believer, then an achiever. There are many things that will catch our eyes, but very few that catch our heart. Put your trust in God and He will carry you over all obstacles.” 

“Okay, Man of GREAT wisdom! I just need you to remember your own words the next time that doctor tries to ruffle your feathers with some foofool nonsense.” 

“Thanks for that.” 

(Insert smiley face emoji from me to the old man.)

“Can’t walk backward into the future. My grandfather always say ‘Go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is.’”

“You’re on a roll this morning, Old Man.” 


The unexpected early Saturday morning text messages from my Dad came through like an unexpected wave, filling my soul with a sense of reassurance that, moments before, was missing. 

The words came through NOT only as sweet messages from my beloved dad, but as answers to prayers that, moments before, felt unheard. 

The messages, filled with sweet, encouraging words I know he’s offered to my heart many times before, landed in a language that I felt and understand, a language that, moments before, felt foreign. 

There are days and times in all our lives where we wake up in the morning (or go to bed at night) questioning everything as we look around our world only seeing shattered pieces of empty promises and unanswered prayer laying at our feet. 

In those moments, as we search for the glue to put those shattered pieces back together, we may begin to trace our steps, trying to figure out how we could be so karmically challenged that breaking things seems to be the rule, not the exception. 

But what if those pieces were meant to be shattered into a million irreparable pieces? What if, behind the broken-ness that hid worry, doubt and fear, were new, more beautiful creations? 

Our eyes can be so easily fixed on what appears broken around us that we miss the true promise within us, the beautiful fruit sitting, waiting for us on the limb.  


Are you ready to see what is behind those parts that appear broken, to step out on the limb and get your fruit? Message me to set up your consultation today!