What's The BIG Idea?

Once upon a time there was a woman who had an idea spring out of (seemingly) nowhere, making her feel like she was on top of the world. The idea was nothing short of brilliant, (re)igniting a passion in her spirit that made her sweat beads of joy! 

Her mind and heart spoke to each other in unison, sharing the beautiful details that would create the path for making the vision come to life. In a matter of minutes the woman had notes that allowed her to begin to FEEL what it would be like to see her idea move from her mind’s eye to physical manifestation.

And then it happened. Out of (seemingly) nowhere, as she basked in the joy of future successes, connecting to her truth, Doubt swooped in and began to speak. First the words were soft, like a whisper…

“are you sure we should be doing this? What if it doesn’t work out this time?” 

The woman consciously ignored the subtle whispers, focusing on the moment, the melodic sound of her head and heart partnering on her behalf. But then it got louder. Like an angry villain…


The joy felt just moments before was squelched by reminders of past disappointments. As much as she wanted to believe in the possibility tied to this brilliant new idea, the reality of times past would not allow it. The brilliance and excitement felt moments before was now gone. 


How familiar does that “Once Upon a Time” feel? 

John Maynard Keynes said, “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones.” 

We are all full of great ideas, visions divinely delivered specifically to us. Unfortunately, we often allow old stories tied to notions of failure and disappointment to define whether or not we take the unfamiliar path toward our deepest desires, or that familiar path back to our comfort zone. 

While it takes bravery to follow an unknown path, it is that bravery that creates the opportunity to escape the old, debilitating ideas. And it is that bravery that clears the path to reaching our fullest potential.


As you begin to step into your bravery, ask yourself these questions:

How would it FEEL to make this idea/vision a reality? - When we allow ourselves to FEEL the good-ness tied to bringing our vision to life, we push ourselves to make our head and heart remain in sync. 

Who’s voice is that anyway? - It is important to know and/or understand the root of where the voice of doubt came from. 

How can I (re)write the story? - When we think about negative stories, it is important to consider how we would prefer the story be told or rewritten. 

Is it time to seek support? - Sometimes it is best to seek the support of a Coach to help us begin the process. If you think you would benefit from professional support, Let’s Connect