What Inspires You?

What inspires you?

Is it just me or do abstract questions like this make you cringe a little and do an internal eye roll as you quickly begin to search for a sufficiently eloquent response that lands somewhere between wisdom and rainbows?

My guess is that it is NOT just me. When it comes down to it, the answer to a question like that can feel more daunting than inspiring. And, if you are like me, you desperately want to find the “right” answer, an answer that will then inspire the person listening…and yourself. In the moment, it feels like there must be a formula…I just don’t know it.

Or do I?

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According to vocabulary.com, to inspire is like “blowing air over a low flame to make it grow”. That seems easy enough, right? What lights my fire?


As an avid Naked and Afraid watcher, I have seen countless pairs, inspired to make fire, take it old school, using a small piece of wood, sticks and friction to make the magic happen.

Some are successful, some not. But it never fails — the fire starts with a low flame and a soft breath that inspires growth. And as it burns, they take great care to nurture their precious fire.

For show participants, fire is a symbol of hope and possibility, one factor that always inspires belief in self and their ability to make it in some unknown land, naked and afraid, for 21 days.

Like fire to a naked adventurer, the things that inspire light a fire within, encouraging us to believe big, to see ourselves doing things that may appear impossible or crazy. As we nurture those fiery nuggets that land in our soul, they grow, expanding our inner light and warmth.

The thing or things that inspire are not about finding a specific formula. Instead, it is about tapping into what speaks to our soul and its desire to evolve, creating a space of openness and curiosity that allows the flame to grow.

So let’s try this again… What inspires you?

OK. I’ll go first…

I Am inspired by Connection.

Years ago, as I sat with a friend in church, she touched my hand and said, “When you hold in your tears it gives you gas.” We giggled as I allowed the tears she felt me choking on moments before streamed down my face. I felt so much gratitude for the friend who was so connected to my spirit that she felt my heart even in my silence.

I Am inspired by Belief.

At one point in my youth I decided I wanted to be a teacher. Not because I had this strong desire to teach young children to read and write. My interest in become an educator was a result of feeling and understanding my mother’s love and her desire to see me be great. I remember thinking, “I want other kids to know what it feels like to have someone believe in them.

I Am inspired by Frogs.

Yes. Frogs. Seven-ish years ago a friend said to me something about not caring about who I loved as long as I was happy and treated well. Since, seeing a frog is a reminder that my happiness is what matters…first and last.

I Am inspired by Vibrant Colors.

Vibrant colors are EVERYTHING! When I dress myself in bright, vibrant colors, I just feel good about myself and life. I feel ready to take on every challenge with a greater sense of confidence. And who doesn’t want that, right!


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