What Could Be Sweeter...

What could be sweeter than a leisurely morning stroll, listening to the sounds of birds chatting and leaves rustling as you take each step.


What could be sweeter than that first taste of your morning coffee/tea on a cold winter morning, each sip warming your soul from the inside out.

What could be sweeter than an unplanned chat with an old friend, walking down memory lane as you giggle like school kids at the thought of your shenanigans.

What could be sweeter than time spent with a loved one, easily exchanging the many hopes and dreams you have for the future.

What could be sweeter than choosing to ignore the urge to jump out of bed in the morning and, instead, allowing yourself to be one with the bed, listening as your body thanks you for those extra few moments of rest.

It is easy to get caught up in the rigors of life that tell us we must GO and DO that laundry list of mundane, less-than-exciting things in order to BE all that we desire to be and HAVE all we have ever dreamed of having.

But guess what…

In all of our nonstop GO-ing and DO-ing we can easily begin to overlook the sweet moments around us that make life worth living. And when we miss those, we slowly lose a part of our BE-ing and then the opportunity to HAVE all we truly desire.

Yes. It is important to get up for work each day and give it our all. It is important to make sure we sign permission slips and attend meetings. It is important to get there on time and meet expectations.

But often, allowing ourselves to lean into the things that are not a part of the endless tasks on the MUST GO and MUST DO lists are exactly what is needed to push us closer to BE-ing and HAVE-ing it all.

So tell me, what could be sweeter than the sound of your feet, step by sweet step, moving closer and closer to your purpose.


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