To Love, Honor & Cherish ME!

Some may call ours a “whirlwind romance”. The kind of “love story” that Hallmark movies are made of.

We met in October 2012, moved in together and got engaged (that order, less than 10 days apart) the following June and were married the following August. Yep. That’s less than two years between Hi. My name is Sherry and I do!

Many questioned our decisions, wondering if we understood the gravity of the commitment.

Somehow, we were convinced, believing in something bigger than ourselves, something deeper than either of us could put words to.

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Before popping the question she did ask 1,182 What if…? questions (OK. Maybe it was more like 1,187 What ifs.) in an effort to gauge my interest in settling down. Little did I know she already had the ring and was preparing herself to pop the question IF she KNEW an unshakable YES! would follow.

You can probably guess what happened from there…

She asked. I said yes. Planning began. And in no time, surrounded by God, family, friends and Mother Nature at her finest, a lifetime commitment was made.


I think back on our path, sometimes wondering what we were thinking, wishing we had taken things a little slower. I mean really, what’s one more month, right?

Other times I bask in the joy of having been swept up by such a magical whirlwind. I have always been the hopeless romantic.

And then there are days when I have to pause and wonder if I am loving myself in the same, carefree, deep and endless way. Unfortunately, far too often, the answer has been a resounding NO! As much as I had invested mentally, spiritually and emotionally in this relationship, vowing to love her eternally, I had never given myself that same gift of a YES!

Over the last six years, I have been on a search for what it meant to commit fully…to myself. This exploration revealed a truth that was simultaneously heartbreaking and eye opening — I was always more willing to fall back, putting the needs, wants and desires of others before my own. And when I say “always”, I mean ALWAYS. I created a narrative that said as long as those around me were happy, 2nd or 3rd or 10th was “good enough” for me.

This exploration also revealed that if the vows professed on my wedding day had been from me, to me, I would be staring in the eyes of a heartbroken soul, devastated by my choice to break every promise made in love. And because I was unwilling to file for separation from myself, it was time to shift that narrative.


Each day is an opportunity to start over, to begin again. No. It is not easy. And let’s be honest, the thought of loving, honoring and cherishing ourselves in the same way (if not better) we do for others can feel self-indulgent. And, because we have become so good at treating ourselves poorly, that often feels easier, less risky.

But what would happen if we loved ourselves enough to say YES!, to profess our love for self, our commitment to self, before the masses? What if our #WCW or #MCM was that beautiful, perfectly imperfect creature staring back at us in the mirror as we brush our teeth each morning?


Are you ready to say YES! to yourself but not quite sure where to start? I would love to help! Message me for your complimentary consultation.