That's My Story...

I remember being 20 years old, sitting in a bus station in upstate New York, watching the people around me as I journaled endless thoughts in a red spiral notebook. As I wrote my way through the layover, I looked up to see a family greeting each other with a degree of love and excitement that was palpable. I was instantly engrossed in their interaction, wishing I was sitting closer to them or that I could at least read lips. 

Instead, I began to make up my own beautiful story of their lives and connection. My journaling turned into an opportunity to start a short story covering this family’s ins and outs. I wrote about where they were headed, for how long and what they would do upon arrival. I smiled as visions of a family picnic with endless food danced through my imagination. My mind’s eye invited me into their world, leaving me eager to find out what was next for us…I mean them

All those years ago, sitting in a bus station by myself, I created a story about a family I did not know and would likely never again see. The words I wrote in my notebook that morning felt real and right. It may not have been their truth, but it was the story I wanted and needed to read in that moment. 

Toni Morrison, renowned author and teacher said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”

Life truly is an amalgam of stories. Some feel breathtakingly beautiful and rich while others feel disempowering and dark. Either way, we hold these stories in our hearts, allowing them to define each next move and dream. 

But, deep down inside, so many of us have this desire to tell a different story, to read and experience something else in our lives. If we turn to Ms. Morrison’s words we can see that, a new and better story is right at our fingertips. 

It’s not about being a writer by vocation. It is about choosing to live from a place that is true and authentic. It is about releasing the old, disempowering stories and choosing to create something new. 

There will always be tough scenes, but there is so much power in knowing that we get to create the narrative for how we get through those moments. 


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