Yep! She's Still Growing Up!

Growing up, I was not the girl who had tons of friends. I wanted them, but I always seemed to find myself as the “odd girl out”, never feeling like I really “fit in” anywhere.

Growing up, I was not the girl who was ever really comfortable being seen. I wanted to blend into the crowd, becoming almost invisible to the masses.

Growing up, I was the girl who spent more time in her daydreams than she did in her reality, cleverly using my imagination to become the person I was meant to be (whatever that meant).

Growing up, I was the girl whose mom wanted her to have endless self-confidence and high self-esteem, but because it was something she had never realized within herself, had no idea how to teach it to me.

Growing up.

It’s kinda funny to think back on “growing up”.

There are days when I still feel like I am doing just that -- “growing up” -- finding my way in a world that does not seem to fully belong to me, navigating crazy-big things like social media, entrepreneurship, marriage and rush hour traffic.


But somehow I Am doing it.

No. I am not always doing it perfect or even well. But I Am doing it.

I am doing the things that seemed out of my reach growing up.

No. I still do not have “tons” of friends, but I have a solid few. My tribe is solid, a force to be reckoned with. I would not trade one for 10. It is just not worth it.

No. I am still not (fully) comfortable being seen, but I allow it to happen more and more, hearing my insides gently remind me that I was born to be seen...first by me, then by others.

Yes. I still love a good daydream, but my reality has become so delicious that living there feels invigorating and authentic.

Yes. I am guessing my mom would still want me to have endless self-confidence and high self esteem (because how could you have too much...when you are using your powers for good), but I know she is watching from the Heavens, speechless by the “growing up” I have done over the last 22 years.   

So yeah, I Am still “growing up”. I Am still finding my way. But there is one thing I know in my gut…

I Am who I was created to be. I can look in the mirror, staring into my eyes, almost unrecognizable to myself as I search for glimpses of that little girl. She is there, quietly watching as I live this life on purpose, creating compassion (for myself), staying curious (about myself), building trust (within myself) and taking risks (on myself).

Hmm… Maybe “growing up” is my Super Power!

Are you still growing up and trying to figure out how to embrace that part of life? Let’s talk about it.