Starting Over...Yet Again.

While chatting with a friend on the phone as she drove her son home from school, somehow the subject of that extra 10 pounds I have been holding onto for several months came up. In true ME Fashion, I made some meant-to-be-funny comment about the attention-seeking weight gain that was in a relentless pursuit of all my attention but that it was time for it to be released to a new home. 

I then followed that with a more-thought-full comment about how I believed there is some greater lesson to be found in it all. Something deeper than just, you know, “Throw out that darned scale and go shopping for new clothes!” 

And then, with a refreshing depth of honest curiosity, my friend’s son chimed in. “But aren’t you a life coach?”

“Yeah. What does that mean?” 

“Shouldn’t you have that figured out? I thought a life coach would have their life together.” 

I laughed and replied, “Well, I am. But I am human first.” 

Back in 2011, upon meeting the Life Coach who played a pivotal role in helping me become more-fully me, I convinced myself that she “had it all together” and I wanted to do everything in my power to be like her. 

Bike (1).png

I soaked up the wisdom offered like a sponge, trying my best to be a good student. Along the way there were times I felt I was missing the mark, feeling the sting of disappointment run deep as I wondered why it couldn’t just be easier. The disappointment was buoyed by an internal narrative perfectly designed to stop me in my tracks. And it did…until it didn’t. Somehow I found ways to push myself to keep moving, grateful for the opportunity to pick up the pieces and start over — stronger, wiser and more compassionate than the days, weeks and months before.

I can’t remember how many times since I started this journey that I have become overwhelmed by disappointment after having missed a mark that I set for myself. A mark whose parameters started out murky at best. But I also cannot remember how many times I have dusted myself off and started over, believing that as long as I had breath in my body, there was a chance to explore each situation with fresh eyes.

So yes. I am a life coach -- a darned good one. And I am also human -- a darned good one.

Your purpose in this life may lead one to believe that you have it all together, but it is important to remember that your purpose does not negate the grace found in your human-ness, because it is your human-ness that paves the way to start over…yet again…and again.


Is it time for you to start over…yet again, and need support along the way? Let’s talk about it!