One Word: NAKED

Deep down in my soul I have always been hungry, starving for something more, something far beyond what I was able to see, feel or experience in my limited, difficult reality. This hungry feeling was a constant, something I could never explain and often struggled to understand. 

At times I could feel it pulsating through my spirit like the blood through my veins, giving me life. And other times it faded a bit, only running quietly in the background like white noise, there but not. 

Unfortunately, as my soul hungered for something more my body feasted on a buffet of Fear. Fear of today and tomorrow. Fear of the known and the unknown. Fear of joy and failure. 

Feasting on Fear left me weary, often unable to move. I dragged each foot from one step to the next, praying for relief, for help with the weight. And sometimes my body was just too heavy to make one more move.

Thank God for a soul that remained hungry, that still had energy to see and want MORE. 


buffet (1).png

More. One simple word that can lead to a myriad of paths. But, in order to have the more we seek, to experience all it has to offer, we must choose to allow ourselves to be seen in our truest nature. A nature that is beautiful, kind, loving, smart and…simply NAKED. 

2019 will be my year to stand NAKED, exposing Me to Myself in a deeper way, seeing and feeling all that I have chosen to overlook in a futile effort to avoid what feeds the fear. And I know that, in my nakedness, fear has no hiding place and therefore cannot control or stop the hunger that continues to drive me forward.