Motivation: What's Yours?

What motivates you to get up and go to work, school, etc every day? 

Does that question make you want to respond with something like, “You mean besides that unyielding desire to maintain a standard of living that includes food, shelter and clothing?”

And then would you be offended if I replied with something like, “Well, those are OK motivations…I GUESS. They just seem a smidge BASIC! And who wants to be BASIC?”


You see, our greatest motivations run deeper than the “basics”. Our truest motivations, those that will guide us to making our dreams come true, speak to who we are at our core and to our greater purpose in this life. They speak to what brings us joy and answer our big WHY.

What would happen if you took some time to break those “basic” motivations down into deeper connections to self? That desire for food, shelter and clothing would have so much more meaning than you may realize.

Want to know some of what motivates me?

I Am Motivated by Love. I grew up in a house where finances were unstable at best. Along that journey, things managed to become insignificant because, when it was all said and done, I knew in my soul that my mom loved me. Every hug and meal was complete with a Love that made me want more and more. I remember being in high school and deciding that I must become a teacher because I wanted all kids to FEEL that kind of unconditional Love. And while I am not a school teacher, that desire to share Love is indeed an integral part of my personal and professional life. 

I Am Motivated by My Curiosity. I want to know everything about everyone and everything I encounter. I love receiving random tidbits of knowledge about everything from house plants to sloths as much as I love meeting a stranger and hearing their life story. As easy as it can be for me to keep my head down, focused on checking off items on my “to do” list or responding to one more email, I always find myself energized for that next big thing when I freely, openly embrace my natural curiosity. And it is that energy that leads to greater productivity and success in all areas of my life. 

I Am Motivated by Playfulness. I recently visited my dad in South Carolina. It was a quick trip, but special nonetheless. Upon our return, as I looked at pictures we had taken together, I noticed a common theme — most of our pictures included us being silly, playing around and laughing. Moments of playfulness have this magic ability to shift my soul, creating feelings of connectedness and freedom. It is when we allow ourselves to indulge in a bit of playfulness that we open the door to deep healing and peace.

No matter where our motivations lie, understanding what they are and how they inform your decisions is important to a deeper connection to self. Take some time to think about what really motivates you at the core of your being and try to remember to focus on connecting to those places in your daily life. That focus is sure to bring you a deeper sense of joy and purpose in your day-to-day life. 

Are you feeling unsure of how to land on what REALLY motivates you? Give me a shout to set up your complimentary consultation.