Let the Band Play?

marching band.png

How was your day? 

While this is always an innocuous question posed by a curious loved one about the events of your day, I have often given this question the power to send my spirit into a vitriolic tailspin. 

Yep! You read that right -- vitriolic tailspin

You see, I often enter my days with bright ideas about all that I desire to accomplish. There are moments of intention set to meditative music that guide each step, creating an energy of clarity and purpose around each move. 

Sounds beautiful, right! But then it happens...

The meditative music stops.

The intentional focus disappears.

The doors of (alleged) logic swing wide open and the loud, judgy mind chatter enters the space like a high school marching band during the homecoming halftime show.  

How are you going to get that done? 

Is there time for that? 

Is that really a good idea? 

Wouldn’t you rather take a nap? 

Most days I take a moment to quiet that voice, acknowledging the barrage of questions in a way that acts as a volume adjustment. Gratitude settles in as the sound of the band quiets and my meditative melody returns.

There are also days where I cannot find the volume button. The band gets louder and louder and I listen, stopped in my tracks, wishing I could just take that suggested nap. Unfortunately, napping is impossible because the band won’t stop and the noise-canceling headphones I keep saying I’m going to buy are still sitting in my Amazon shopping cart. 

Guess what! 

We all experience those moments in time where the chatter in our mind gets the best of us. Although well-meaning, the sound is dizzying, reminiscent of an out-of-tune trumpet during its big performance solo. 

The beautiful thing is that even when we hit our worst performance days, there is always there is always at least one accomplishment to be acknowledged. 

No. This is not an easy lesson to learn. It is challenging to allow ourselves to FEEL our way through life’s disappointing days in a way that removes judgment. But when we do, we are embracing our human-ness and the ability to show grace to ourselves...and others. Where there is grace, there is healing and growth. And where there is healing and growth, there is always accomplishment.


Ready to learn how to trade the LOUD banging of the band down for a more-solid focus on the sweet sound of accomplishment? Let’s connect to talk about how I can support you!