Isn't it Interesting?: 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Commitment to Your Dreams

Her:  How is work? 

Me:  Aaahhh… Work is work. I feel like I’m struggling more and more. It has all started to take a toll. 

Her:  Really. How so? 

Me:  Well, you know… It’s just a lot. I am working on creating boundaries so I have more “me time”, but it’s tough. I need a change. 

Her:  I can understand that. What are you thinking? 

Me:  “Writing. I want to be a writer.”

My thoughts:  Do you realize you just gave her an honest answer? What in the world are you doing? You know she’s going to judge you! Have you learned NOTHING in all these years? 

Her:  Oh really? A writer? Where did that come from? 

Me:  It has always been there. I’ve been writing. For years. Short stories. 

Her:  Interesting. 

My Thoughts:  Interesting? Ugh! Why would you use that word? What’s so interesting? I mean, why didn’t you just say, “What the heck are you thinking?” or “That makes no sense!” Now we have to convince her that we aren’t being crazy! Great! 

Me:  Yeah! I even had a couple of pieces published in online journals recently. 

Her:  Oh. OK. That’s nice. 

My thoughts:  Really? That’s nice? What in the world?

Her:  I mean, it’s just not an easy thing. Becoming a successful writer. Are you thinking of quitting your job to do that? 

Me:  No. Not at all. I have to have income. But I want to spend more time writing. Exploring that. It excites me. 

Her:  OK. It’s that’s what interests you. 

My thoughts:  Geez, Louise! Why did I say anything? Maybe it is a silly idea. 

Me:  Yeah. We’ll see what happens. 


I spent the rest of that evening questioning myself — my commitment, my wisdom and my drive — wishing I had never said anything about a career change. It was a bad idea, the worst. I could almost feel the rustling of the pages of those old stories, begging for a moment of my attention just to remind me of the comfort zone that was a “safe” place for me to return to. 


As I sulked, I contemplated writing that “friend” off, forgetting the moments of compassion so freely shared in our varied interactions over the years or the warmth I felt from her every time I  entered her space. Instead, I tried to convince myself that she had a mean streak I knew nothing about.

But, the truth of the matter was that she did not have a mean streak and I did not have a bad idea. That conversation was an opportunity for me to connect to something deeper within myself. 

Some pieces of our journey are meant to be shared, shouted from the nearest, highest rooftop. Others are meant to be held close to the heart, shielded like the precious gems they are. No matter where the pieces land, what matters most is our commitment to the vision and the passion we have behind it as the joy in seeing it come to pass builds in our spirit.

Sometimes it takes the questions of another to push us closer to our destiny. And it is when we allow ourselves to explore that possibility that we create more clarity, focus and commitment around all we desire to have, be and do. 


Here are a few things to think about as you work toward strengthening your level of commitment to all you say you wish to have, be and do in your life…

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What is your WHY? It’s easy enough to say you want to do something, but if you cannot answer the big ol’ WHY? in a way that speaks to your core, it’s time to reevaluate. Always remember that your commitment will follow your understanding. 

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Can you start today? You’ve certainly heard that old adage, “There’s no time like the present.” Well, that is true. But, if you are anything like me, you easily find ways to block yourself from moving forward, convincing yourself that you are simply waiting for “the right time”. If you want it, nothing can stop you but you. All it takes is one step (i.e. phone call, email, Google search, etc), and then another. 

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Is it feeding time? Just like my tummy at about 12:15pm every day, your dreams are hungry, ready to be fed. And guess what, in order for your dreams to grow, they must be fed. What does feeding look like? Could be a class, online research, finding a mentor, practicing a skill, etc. No matter what, if you feed it, it will grow. 

Need help figuring out how to address any commitment issues you may have? Connect with me. I would love to support you on your journey!