How 'Bout a Daring Adventure!

hot air balloon.png

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller

A “daring adventure or nothing at all”?


How is that possible when most (if not all) of us have been taught to fear adventure, convinced that with adventure comes the unknown and with the unknown comes risk. And Risk is like a plague -- Avoid at All Costs.

In reality, Helen Keller’s statement was 100% right.

Life is meant to be lived, filled with endless adventures (big and small) that offer opportunities for us to create a deeper connection to self and the world around us. The essence of adventure is about pushing us out of our comfort, creating opportunities to live our best life. And when we are doing that, we are always more-deeply connected to our Inner Voice!

Are you ready to embark on an adventure but just don’t know where to start? Remember, living life with a spirit of adventure is not just about taking a trip. It is about being true to yourself and your desires. Consider the following...


Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a Salsa class but could not find the courage to do it. Or maybe you wanted to compete in a professional bodybuilding competition but did not feel fit enough. Now is the time to find that class or that trainer. You may not be perfect when you start, but the important thing is the effort you put into it.


Have you been thinking about making a career change but have been nervous about taking the leap? Start exploring career fields that speak to your dreams and passions. If you need to take a class before making the transition, do it! There is nothing stopping you but you!


Do you want to connect with an old friend or a new acquaintance but are afraid of the possibility of rejection? Well, you never know what will happen until you try. Maybe that person does want to connect! Woohoo! And if they don’t that is fine too. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means that person isn’t meant to be part of your tribe.


Is there a passion project you’ve been wanting to start but have been too nervous to do so, maybe feeling like you don’t have what it takes? Trust me, if you’re thinking about doing it, you have what it takes. So go for it! You’ve got everything to gain!

At the end of the day, the best adventures will ALWAYS start with taking one (often-scared) step forward! Need help figuring out your first step? Message me!