Commitment vs. Fear: A Game of Jeopardy

“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” ~ Sammy Davis, Jr.

Commitment versus Fear.

Is it really that easy?

I mean… If it is… I’m going with…

Fear...of Commitment?

OK. That’s not the whole truth. Not now. But there was definitely a time in my life that you could hear me saying, in the most confident Jeopardy contestant voice...

“I’ll take Fear of Commitment to Love for $1,000.”

“I’ll take Fear of Commitment to Joy for $1,000.”

“I’ll take Fear of Commitment to Dreaming Big for $1,000.”

“I’ll take Fear of Commitment to Living for $1,000.”


Like any good Jeopardy contestant, you go big with the categories you know. And for me, “Fear of Commitment to ___” was the clear choice every time.

I knew every category. I had studied them for decades, committing important information to memory, inserting myself in stories and experiences until I was weary, trudging through muddy waters as I gasped for breath, unsure of my purpose and desperate for a new direction.

A new direction.

Yep. That is what I wanted. But until I knew what that meant, making the shift felt impossible.

I often look back on my journey, revisiting the twists and turns that brought me to this moment in time. A time where I stand, firmly believing in the power that resides in my voice and the passion that lives in my heart.

I wonder how I survived the mind-numbing shame of rape. I wonder how I survived the heart-wrenching grief that followed my mother’s death. I wonder how I survived devastating family betrayal.

And then I land in reality, seeing my life, my path in full and in truth. I see that while each story may have started with Fear, survival means that I chose to trade Fear for Commitment.

It all ended, every pain and sorrow, every heartache and devastation, with a simple, direction-altering CHOICE.

I’ll take Commitment to Love for $1,000.

I’ll take Commitment to Joy for $1,000.

I’ll take Commitment to Dreaming Big for $1,000.

I’ll take Commitment to Authenticity for $1,000.

Commitment for the win!

When we think of Commitment, we often go automatically to thoughts of our connections to others. But the most-powerful commitment we will ever make is the Commitment we make to ourselves.

Commitment to self is not easy. It can feel selfish to focus on what we need as individuals and then put those needs first. But when we commit to ourselves lovingly, fully and completely, first, and above all others, we are opening the door to deep, lasting success.


Need help figuring out what it means for YOU to commit to yourself? Let’s talk about it!