A Girl and Her Magic Paintbrush

What would happen if we all decided to experience life in the way Mecca experienced painting? 

What if we all chose to experience each moment of our lives with a youth-filled spirit, basking in the curiosity and playfulness found in a blank canvas and a few fabulous paints, so focused on bringing our vision to life that we are unaffected by the goings in the room around us? 

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A Moment of Reflection...

Success, for me, is not about having more highs and laughter than lows and tears. It is about making the choice to see each experience as an opportunity to deepen wisdom and expand awareness. Success is about making the choice to passionately chase my dreams, unashamed of what may be said or how many times I fall along the way. Success is found as I stay focused, eyes on the prize, come what may. 

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What's The BIG Idea?

Once upon a time there was a woman who had an idea spring out of (seemingly) nowhere, making her feel like she was on top of the world. The idea was nothing short of brilliant, (re)igniting a passion in her spirit that made her sweat beads of joy! 

Her mind and heart spoke to each other in unison, sharing the beautiful details that would create the path for making the vision come to life. In a matter of minutes the woman had notes that allowed her to begin to FEEL what it would be like to see her idea move from her mind’s eye to physical manifestation.

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It's Time to Make a Mixed Tape

Some of the most-vivid memories I have of my mother are tied to her love of music. From Blues to Heavy Metal, the genre was of no consequence, it was all about how the words filtering through the speakers connected to her spirit.

Amongst friends she was known for her meticulously crafted mixed tapes. Thoughtfully she chose songs corresponding to the delicate beat of her heart in the moment. Between each song was a purposeful pause, just long enough to take a deep, cleansing breath before moving into the next artist’s flow. 

Play. Record. Pause. Stop. Play. Record. Pause. Stop. On and on and on. 

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It's All Perfect

“It’s all perfect.” 

She would say that to me again and again. As I cried. As I asked “What about ___?” As I wished for a different reality. 

My response? Typically a pair of rolled eyes, confused by the notion that THIS is what perfection looked like. 

More often than not I was overwhelmed by a myriad of well-hidden, not-so-good feelings. The hiding had become draining, causing deeper feelings of overwhelm. THIS could not be what “perfect” felt like. 

I sat in her office, sharing the inner workings of my heart. I sat before her, emotionally bare, some part of me wanting to believe her words, the greater part of me held onto a steady state of resistance. 

She knew it. She felt it. And amidst my resistance, she remained consistent…

“Sherry, it’s all perfect. Exactly as it is supposed to be in this moment.” 

Interestingly enough, as time went on, I rolled my eyes less and believed more. 

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