A Moment of Reflection...


On a Friday afternoon in October of 2015, I signed my first lease agreement as Sherry Samuels, Certified Life Coach, Owner of Chrysalid Transformations. 

Fear tried to stop me from signing on the dotted line that day, questioning my judgement, reminding me that a lease was a binding contract, a financial commitment I was not yet sure I could keep. And just as I prepared to change my mind, my Gut lovingly said, “Please take the pen and sign by the ‘X’.” 


Moments later I was standing quietly at the closed door to my new space. The office key lay in the palm of my left hand as the fingers on my right carefully caressed every smooth spot and every ridge. I thought about the path behind me — the highs and lows, the laughter and tears — feeling empowered as I prepared to embrace all that was just beyond this door.

Fear attempted its comeback, but there was just no room. The pride and joy felt in that moment filled every inch of my spirit. I was floating, carefree, like a perfectly luscious cloud in a perfectly blue sky. This was where I belonged. 

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I took a deep breath, walked in and slowly looked around before sitting in each seat — the desk…the couch…the chair. In each seat I saw myself creating, writing and coaching. This would be a space where hope and promise would come alive as dreams transformed into action. 

Still bursting with pride and joy, I took another deep break, turned off the lights and left. 


In the two-ish years since that one Friday in October of 2015, I have again experienced highs and lows, laughter and tears. Some days I have wondered why on earth I signed by that ‘X’. And so many other days I have left my office at the end of the day, thrilled that I signed by that ‘X’. In the midst of the good and bad days, I have learned so much about myself and what success means to me. 


Success, for me, is not about having more highs and laughter than lows and tears. It is about making the choice to see each experience as an opportunity to deepen wisdom and expand awareness. Success is about making the choice to passionately chase my dreams, unashamed of what may be said or how many times I fall along the way. Success is found as I stay focused, eyes on the prize, come what may. 


Being a Life Coach doesn’t mean that I do not have struggles or that I have somehow figured out all the tips and tricks needed to have a perfect life. Being a Life Coach, to me, means using what I have learned both in my training and my personal journey to help others find their authentic voice that will then lead them to create their path to change.