It's Time to Make a Mixed Tape

Mixed Tape.jpg

Some of the most-vivid memories I have of my mother are tied to her love of music. From Blues to Heavy Metal, the genre was of no consequence, it was all about how the words filtering through the speakers connected to her spirit.

Amongst friends she was known for her meticulously crafted mixed tapes. Thoughtfully she chose songs corresponding to the delicate beat of her heart in the moment. Between each song was a purposeful pause, just long enough to take a deep, cleansing breath before moving into the next artist’s flow. 

Play. Record. Pause. Stop. Play. Record. Pause. Stop. On and on and on. 

As a child, this laborious task is something I did not understand. So much to think about when she could just be happy with listening to one artist at a time. 

Adulthood showed me that these playlists were the stories of her life — day-by-day, feeling-by-feeling. The words of each song spoke when she could not, renewing her spirit when it was weary. The melodies created opportunities for enduring hope in the midst of present darkness.  

And as I think back to those moments in her room, quietly listening and watching as she created playlist after playlist, I realize that my dear mother treated her musical creations with the same care life, in general, deserves...

Think About What You Want - How often do we take the time to think about what we really want from an opportunity, situation or endeavor. In order to move forward with a sense of clarity and purpose, we have to know what we want. 

Take Your Time - Are you always (or most of the time) rushing through this, that and the other? Anything worth having is worth taking our time to get or create. When we rush, we often lose sight of the end goal or end up on a path that does not serve our highest good. 

Honor the Beat of Your Heart - When was the last time you took time to connect to the beat of your heart? Sometimes the beat is pumping vibrancy, sometimes it is slow and somber. No matter the beat, when we honor it fully, we create opportunities for continued growth and healing. 

Pause for a Deep, Cleansing Breath - Have you paused for a deep breath today? In order to stay clear and focused, it is important to pause between songs (aka action items, steps, etc). A purposeful pause can shift energy in a beautifully positive way. 


And so I must ask, “Are you ready to create the best playlist of your life?” If you are ready but feel like you need a bit of help getting started, Let's Connect. I can help you create a truly fulfilling playlist for your life!