Go On and Let Go

I sat in bed with my journal and pen in hand, thinking about the day ahead, all I wanted and needed to accomplish. The list was long, too long. It was dizzying. 

I release and let go of worry.

I release and let go of perfectionism. 

I release and let go of fear. 

I wrote feverishly, as though my life depended on each statement getting the heck out of my head and onto that paper before some unknown-to-me alarm sounded. 

I release and let go of old stories. 

I release and let go of stress. 

I release and let go of financial lack. 

I paused to read each statement scribbled on the page before me. With each declaration I felt lighter, as though a weight were being removed from my shoulders. Suddenly I wanted to do cartwheels…to scream with joy…to dance. 

By the time I finished writing, I had practically filled the page with these perfectly soul-freeing affirmations.  

The words seemed almost too simple to be enough. But they were the words that poured out of me that morning, the words I needed to hear. The words that became fuel in my tank, reminding me that, when all else fails, I can choose to release and let go


We all desire to live a life filled with peace and joy. Unfortunately, one challenge most of us face is that, along the way, we pick up (and hold onto) negative messages that prevent us from connecting to the gift that is our inner voice — the voice that helps us fully connect to those experiences of peace and joy we desire.  

But, what would happen if you started each day affirming, “I release and let go of ___”?

Choosing to make this declaration -- I release and let go of ____" -- daily sends a simple yet impactful statement to our spirit and the Universe that we are ready to start the day fresh, embracing new opportunities and experiences as we, day-by-day, leave remnants of those old, negative ones behind. 

Each time we release and let go, we honor our purpose, our vision and our voice. 


Are you ready to release and let go


Treat it like brushing your teeth. It would be lovely if we could brush one a week and know that our breath will be minty fresh for at least seven days. But, that’s not how it works. We have to stay on top of any possible buildup. The same is true with releasing and letting go. It is not just a “one and done” thing. Making this a daily practice, even one that you do while brushing your teeth, is part of staying on top of any emotional buildup that may slow you down.


Write it. Say it. Think it. This is not necessarily about HOW you do it. The important thing is that you MAKE TIME to do it. In a moment of frustration at the office, pause to say to yourself, “I release and let go of ___.” Just before you walk into a room of strangers, make the declaration, “I release and let go of ___.” Or if you feel stressed about money, sit down and write, “I release and let go of financial lack.” At the end of the day, this exercise is about doing what feels right for you. 


Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Guess what, this exercise is meant to help you stay connected to your inner voice. Think about the feelings that may slow you down or the situations that create a feeling of “stuck” and then choose to release and let go. 


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