Yep! She's Still Growing Up!

So yeah, I Am still “growing up”. I Am still finding my way. But there is one thing I know in my gut…

I Am who I was created to be. I can look in the mirror, staring into my eyes, almost unrecognizable to myself as I search for glimpses of that little girl. She is there, quietly watching as I live this life on purpose, creating compassion (for myself), staying curious (about myself), building trust (within myself) and taking risks (on myself).

Hmm… Maybe “growing up” is my Super Power!

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How 'Bout a Daring Adventure!

Life is meant to be lived, filled with endless adventures (big and small) that offer opportunities for us to create a deeper connection to self and the world around us. The essence of adventure is about pushing us out of our comfort, creating opportunities to live our best life. And when we are doing that, we are always more-deeply connected to our Inner Voice!

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While that morning was not the last time I wrote an Oscar worthy pep talk on the pages of my journal, it was the last time I allowed the writing to succumb innaction. It was the last time I allowed myself to be crippled by What if’s and Probably nots.

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Words to My Beloved

I will start with an apology. It has been far too long since I have put pen to paper for you, sharing the unseen places of my heart with you, offering sentiments of tenderness and affection. Far too often my offerings to you consist of disappointed grumbles, woeful sadness or plain old blah ramblings about the list of things that must be done for some reason I’ve unconsciously made up.

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To Love, Honor & Cherish ME!

And then there are days when I have to pause and wonder if I am loving myself in the same, carefree, deep and endless way. Unfortunately, far too often, the answer has been a resounding NO! As much as I had invested mentally, spiritually and emotionally in this relationship, vowing to love her eternally, I had never given myself that same gift of a YES!

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