It’s National Butterfly Day!

chrys · a · lid (aka chrysalis) ~ A protective covering where miraculous transformation begins.

From the chrysalid (a.k.a. chrysalis) comes the butterfly. As we see these majestic creatures flit about, seeming to care about nothing more than their next landing place, rarely do we take time to consider the journey that led to the beauty of this creature.

Have you ever found yourself admiring someone else, watching their every move, wishing you had their wit, talent, confidence, etc?

I know I have.


Unfortunately, when we spend our time focused on what someone else has that we want, we often overlook the journey, the transformation that had to take place in order for them to get there.

We are not always privy to the sound of another’s tears or the fell of the sweat behind their labor.

The beautiful thing is that when we do take the focus off of pining for what another has and instead focus on our journey, we will see that we are moving in our due time from the darkness of the chrysalid into the light of day.

As long as we have breath in our bodies, we have the opportunity for Transformation in our lives. Transformation similar to that of the butterfly. Transformation allowing us to live a majestic life of fulfillment and joy.