We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
— Maya Angelou

chrys · a · lid ~ A protective covering where miraculous transformation begins.

From the chrysalid (a.k.a. chrysalis) comes the butterfly. Chrysalid Transformations incorporates a focus on fitness, personal growth and food to support people as they create the path to change in their physical, emotional and spiritual lives.  

We see the butterfly, delighted by its beauty as it flits about, seeming to care about nothing more than its next landing place. But, we don’t take the time to understand the journey that led to the beauty of this creature. We don’t often see the Chrysalid that the butterfly emerged from to live this carefree life.

Sherry Samuels has spent years peeling back the layers of her Chrysalid -- piece-by-piece, chipping away at the hard, outer-covering that served as the barrier to living a life of joy and promise. Through that [ongoing] personal work, inside and out,  she has become passionate about supporting others as they chip away at their own chrysalis. Sherry has seen the benefit of setting reachable goals, learning to trust herself and choosing to live life to its fullest. And now, through Chrysalid Transformations, she is sharing her wisdom, gifts and training with the world!