Are You Ready to Get Curious?

By virtue of being human we have all experienced at least one moment in time where we found ourselves unexplainably agitated, annoyed, sad, uneasy, etc.

These feelings, seeming to have appeared out of thin air, create more agitation, annoyance, sadness, dis-ease, etc. because we have know idea WHY they decided to show up!

And if you are like most, you turn to our faithful “coping mechanisms” (typically including some form of avoidance) for managing all the unpleasant stuff going on inside of your body.

Unfortunately, those “coping mechanisms” do not help us get to the root of what is going on. Instead, they only serve to make matters worse in the long run.

It is in these moments that we have to pause and turn to our innate curiosity to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

When we pause, with intention, we find answers we need to move forward with ease. 


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