Ugh! What could I possibly find to be grateful for today? 

Have you ever felt like life was coming at you in ways that left your head spinning, making it challenging to find something to be grateful for amidst the chaos? 

Been there. Done that. Got the certificate. 

About six years ago, I felt like so many parts of my life were spiraling in really unpleasant ways. As much as I wanted things to shift, I struggled to make that happen on my own. 

Long story short, I decided to reach out to a life coach that was recommended by someone I knew. When she and I talked, one of her first assignments for me was to start my day with gratitude, writing down at least three things I was grateful for. 


You should have seen my face! I was so confused. I mean, hadn’t she heard me tell her that I was struggling, that everything around me felt like a big ol’ heap of poo! There was nothing to be grateful for! Nothing! 

But I did it anyway. Some mornings I would just sit, searching for something that happened the day before, looking around my apartment, hoping for something to come to me. 

Guess what! It always did. Although it didn’t feel easy, I always managed to find SOMETHING to be grateful for. And that gratitude began to shift my focus, allowing me to find light in the midst of what felt like darkness. 

Yes. There was more work to be done, but allowing myself to experience a little gratitude was a (seemingly) tiny step in the right direction. 


As we approach the weeks leading to the Thanksgiving holiday (November 22nd), why not begin to focus on how much we have to be grateful for each day! And not JUST because it seems like a good idea because of the season, but because gratitude has the power to transform our lives in beautifully ways. I Am a believer that there is always, even on the worst of days, something to be grateful for. 

So, starting November 1st (and at least through November 21st), I will post at least one thing I am grateful for  on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages with #21daysofgratitude. And I CHALLENGE YOU TO JOIN ME!

If you don’t do social media, then fill my email Inbox (I love fun email) with your daily gratitude! I want to celebrate WITH you! And you may just be (anonymously) featured in a newsletter or on social media. 

Finally, at the end of the 21 days, EVERYONE who shared in this gratitude journey WITH me, for the FULL 21 days, will be entered into a drawing to get a lil somethin’ from me that will add to your feelings of gratitude! 

Got questions or thoughts? Message me