Friendship Food-spiration

Yes, I have always loved to cook, but my dear friend Chris is one of those people who, when I listen to her talk about food, always inspires me to want to take my culinary adventures to new heights! She introduced me to Sushi that was much more adventurous than my usual choices from the grocery store deli. She shared the magic of truffle oil and caramelized onions - never together, but equally delicious. And she showed me how to make Spinach Codette!

Okay! Okay! I know you're drooling over that picture of pure delicious-ness on a plate and already preparing to run to the grocery store to purchase all necessary items to make this dreamy dish! Because I believe in the importance of full disclosure, I must warn you that preparation of the pasta will take a bit of time. BUT, please know that it is well-worth the time investment. And if you have a "partner in pasta" to help with the rolling, the time spent will fly right on by. 

A few notes...

  • I made the fresh spinach pasta several days in advance of when I planned to cook it and put in the freezer until I was ready. 
  • I decided to use tomato paste because I didn't have (or want to make) tomato sauce. 
  • I added sundried tomatoes and cracked red pepper...because we love them!