Deodorant, Tooth Paste, Marathons & Life Coaches

I remember the day I first spoke to my Life Coach. It was several days after an initial email sent in desperation. It felt like forever before she responded to my message, as though she couldn’t sense, through that darned inter-web, that I was in desperate need of help, and she was supposed to respond with expediency. I mean, when I hit “Send” I was sure I turned on the notification for emergency sirens to sound off upon delivery. But I digress.  

We spoke by phone. Essentially it was my opportunity to have a brief chat with her to see if I felt she would be able to repair me, make me whole again. 

I was sad, broken. She was happy, exuberant. 

I needed her help to “fix” me. She said I was not broken. 

I intended for this process to be a sprint. She knew it would be more like a marathon. 

As we began to work together, there were two consistent themes in our conversations:

First, a day without Gratitude is like a day without putting on your deodorant. You always feel like a goof when you realize you forgot to do it, and this missing piece can make for a funky day (pun intended). 

Second, a day without [setting] Intentions is like a day without brushing your teeth. You always feel like a goof when you realize you forgot to do it and this missing piece can make for a funky day (pun intended). 

Yes. The two walked hand-in-hand, like young twins skipping through life, one relying on the other. Although beautiful as separate entities, the paired magic they created was priceless. 

Unfortunately for me (and sometimes those around me), I initially found it challenging to remember the deodorant (Gratitude) and teeth brushing (Intentions) routines. Maybe because it was all so new. Maybe because I struggled to find things to be grateful for amid the sadness. Maybe because all I could think to intend to do, from one day to the next, was get out of bed. But, when I did remember, my days were better, easier to manage. 

I started small…

I set the intention to find something in the day to smile about. As butterflies fluttered across my path or a child’s giggle kissed my ears, I smiled. I was grateful. 

I set the intention that I would find the perfect little apartment after selling my house. I found a delightfully cozy, modern pad in the city. I was grateful. 

And then they got bigger… 

I set the intention [daily] to forgive my late Mother for leaving my side before I was ready to be the woman her death expected me to be. And while it wasn’t overnight, the burdensome weight of that loss again became love when I looked in the mirror and saw her in my eyes. I was grateful. 

I set the intention to love freely, to allow my heart to open to the joy of being in love…with myself and another. I slowly learned what it felt like to fall madly in love with myself…and then another. I was grateful. 

My days rarely started without setting an intention and rarely ended without feelings of gratitude in my heart. As I set intentions for this or that, my insides seemed to shift to a space of trust and peace. And with that, came healing and growth. 

Now, don’t be confused, there was certainly more to my journey than remembering to brush my teeth (Intention) and put on deodorant (Gratitude) daily. As I processed through the barriers, I learned that with all things in this life, if we want change to happen, sometimes it’s a matter of starting with the [seemingly] small daily routines. 

The goal was Spiritual & Emotional growth, Peace and Clarity. I am headed there. Or maybe I should say that I’ve completed the portion of my life’s marathon that led me to call my Coach…and am in great condition to continue the race and finish strong (many, many decades from now).