Chicken Salad Salad for the Win!

YEARS ago, while at a conference where lunch was provided, I ended up with the boxed lunch that included a chicken salad sandwich on rye bread (Insert sad face here). I had never had any such thing and was bummed because I KNEW, upon seeing the bread, that I would NOT enjoy this sandwich. 

SURPRISE!!! By bite No. 2, I had begun what felt like an illicit love affair with this beautiful Chicken Salad Sandwich! Something about the combination of juicy chicken chunks combined with tart green apple, crunchy celery, crisp red onion and sweet currents smashed between the tender rye bread made my taste buds and tummy quite happy…and glad I attended that conference. 

Recently, I decided to share my love of sweet and savory chicken salad with Penny. But, to be honest, I was not sure how well this would go over — she is not always a fan of mixing sweet and savory and when I mentioned it, the look on her face was iffy. 

Guess who is now a convert? I mean, I literally heard excited giggles with each bite followed by, “Oh man! This is so good! It’s like healthy comfort food on a Summer day! Can you make this again next week?” 

In my version, I used shredded chicken breast that was poached in a mixture of lemon water, thyme (you could just boil chicken for a quick bit or use leftover roasted chicken). When the chicken was done, I added a bit of sea salt, pepper and celery seed. I diced my onion, celery and apple quite small, making their presence an unexpected treat for the taste buds. Instead of mayo I mixed plain Greek yogurt with lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar), granulated garlic garlic, onion powder, honey and dill. I put everything in a bowl and mixed it up before adding to a bed of salad greens — this time we had a mix of red leaf lettuce, red cabbage and romaine.