Call Me the Dragon(fruit) Slayer

Sometimes it takes a kid’s curiosity to tempt me into exploring something new. And that was exactly the case one Sunday morning, while grocery shopping. I saw a little girl picking up two dragon fruit and placing them in her family’s cart as she looked at her mom with a big smile.

Me (to the Mom):  Excuse me. How do you know which one to pick? 

Mom:  We don’t know. They had them ini a class at school so she wanted to try it at home. 

Me: That’s cool! I’m inspired! I’ll try it. Thanks! 

I brought this peculiar fruit home, unsure what I would do with it, but was sure Pinterest would help me come up with something lovely…like a Dragon Fruit Sorbet. 

After perusing a few recipes, I decided to mix the fruit with honey and lemon. While I decided to just freeze in a bowl for a sorbet, the mix would have been nice as a popsicle as well. The finished product was slightly sweet, creamy and refreshing. This was nice as/is, but if I were to try again, I'm thinking I might mix with berries or a ginger syrup. 

Curious? Give it a try! And maybe YOU can become a Dragon(fruit) slayer!