Chrysalid 30 for 30 Cardio Challenge

By now, many have grown weary of that New Year’s Resolution to “get fit”. Maybe you started on the “right” foot with that gym membership or new pair of sneakers. But, busy work days, family needs, a Winter cold, etc can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. 

Or, if you’re like Me, sometimes you need to turn that standard weekly workout plan on its head with a challenge that will help make things more interesting. That said, because Sherry and I are so competitive, we have decided to challenge ourselves to what we’re calling the “Chrysalid 30 for 30 Cardio Challenge”. 

What’s that, you ask? Well, starting on Monday, March 14th, we will be embarking on 30 minutes of cardio for 30 days straight (through April 12th). There are no hard and fast rules about what the cardio has to be. The point is to get the body moving and the heart rate going. 

While this could sound like a lot, the fact that we’re doing it as a team (if I miss a day, I’ll never hear the end of it…and vice versa), we’ll be encouraging each other to meet the challenge goal. 

Are you as excited about this as we are? Then join us! Here’s what you do:

Step 1 - Decide you’re going to join us for the “Chrysalid 30 for 30 Cardio Challenge” starting on Monday, March 14th.

Step 2 - Post on the Chrysalid Transformations Facebook page a message that says, “I’m in!” Or, if you have friends joining you say, “We’re in!” 

Step 3 - HAVE FUN!!! If you miss a day, not a big deal. Just pick right back up with it the next day! 

Step 4 - Take a (pre, post and/or during) cardio Selfie (everyone loves a workout selfie) and post it on the Chrysalid Transformations Facebook page or tag us on Instagram and/or Twitter with #chrysalid30for30

Oh! If you were counting yourself out because you don’t have a gym membership or access to typical gym equipment, you can count yourself right back in! No gym membership or workout room needed! 

  • You can get a brisk walk in around your neighborhood, at the track down the street or along that pretty trail you’ve been meaning to check out. 
  • Walking, jogging or running with your Pooch for 30 minutes is great for you BOTH!
  • Like to dance? Take a Salsa class with friends or solo. 

Remember, it’s about getting that heart pumpin’! The sky is the limit as to what cardio you choose, so do it all to keep things interesting!

NOTE:  It is advised that, before starting any workout routine, you consult with your doctor.