Warning: Do NOT Use Green Bread!

When I was 7-ish, I woke up one weekend morning, with that unspeakable child-like belief that I could do ABSOLUTELY anything. And that included making French Toast (can you say first timer?) for my Beloved Mother. And I was going to deliver it to her in bed! 

No, I had NEVER made French Toast. I had watched her do it a time or two. Something inside of me said I could do it. Nothing was going to stop me.  Bread. Eggs. Milk. That’s all I needed…right?!

In all of my determined excitement, I managed to overlook the fact that I grabbed the old loaf of Rye bread that had started to turn green. Ugh! 

Long story short, my Beloved Mother was thrilled to have such a treat delivered to her, but less thrilled with the tummy ache that came shortly thereafter. And even less pleased when she realized that the tummy ache was a result of me using that loaf of bread that was going bad. 

While I have experimented with breakfast countless times over the years, I will go ahead and admit that breakfast is not something I love to experiment with. I’m actually a creature of habit with the morning meal. BUT, I recently decided that I wanted to try something new.

Enter Super Green Chia Seed Pudding

I had been wanting to try a Chia Pudding. It seemed both odd and enticing. So, after piling up recipes for months, I decided to try a breakfast option. 

All items, to include the Chia Seeds (they are often added to my homemade granola or oatmeal), are pantry/kitchen staples so this ended up being quite easy to throw together. 

NOTE:  I did decide to go with honey instead of maple syrup and I still used less than the recipe calls for because I didn't want it to be too sweet (always easier to add than take away). 

As much as I wanted to fall madly in love with the Chia Pudding (think Tapioca pudding), the chemistry just wasn’t there with us. Here’s the thing, I am one of those people who is ALL ABOUT texture. Yes, adding the granola definitely made a difference. And we did hang out for a couple of mornings, trying to make it work (I don’t give up on potential love easily), but in the end we agreed that we could be casual friends who get together from time to time. 

What’s better is that I did end up finding L-O-V-E! Because I still had plenty of the ingredients, I decided to use everything (except the Chia seeds) to make a smoothie. I added a little cinnamon, cardamom and dried ginger to the mix. Talk about CHEMISTRY! Some days I even added a little (fresh ground) peanut butter. 

I’m guessing my Mom would MUCH rather have EITHER of these green options over green French Toast any day. In fact, I don't think she was as picky about textures as I am so the Chia pudding would have likely become a favorite. So, try 'em BOTH if for no other reason than to see the magical change the Chia makes from start to finish!