Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge: Checking in with Lisa

Although Lisa was working out 2 to 3 times per week prior to the start of the first Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge, she felt the need to step up her game. And so, with the support of her dear friend and co-worker, Anna, she committed to the Challenge...and to herself. Read on to find out more about her experiences with the Challenge

Q:  What was your activity level prior to the start of the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge?

A:  2 - 3 days a week. If I made it to class, 45 minutes or else a 10 - 20 minute walk/jog.

Q:  What made you decide to take on the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge

A:  Friends challenge me and I want to increase my exercise. The Challenge was a good way to be accountable for it. 

Q:  Was staying committed to the 30 straight days of cardio more of a physical or mental challenge? Maybe neither? 

A:  More mental than physically challenging because there was no “cheat day”, no day of rest. I always had to have a couple of planned activities because sometimes I would miss a class or was too tired to get up. 

Q:  Was it easier to stay committed because you had a “partner in crime” to help keep you accountable and/or because of the general idea of it being a challenge? 

A:  My partner in crime helped me push harder. I could count on her to come get me for class or plan out activities and have activities available too. Also, I had a personal goal to start running again and the Challenge gave me the opportunity I needed to focus on that. 

Q:  Were there days when you just didn’t want to participate in the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge? If yes, what made you push through? 

A:  Yes, weekends were hardest and I just wanted to rest more on the weekends. I knew I had to push through on the weekends — it was only 2 days of the week and I couldn’t fail on days where I didn’t have to work! There wasn’t a good excuse for that. 

Q:  What changes, if any, did you notice physically from start to finish? 

A:  I felt better, clothes are a little looser, lost a few pounds and have more energy. I still want to rest on the weekends but my brain tells me to go do something like clean something, go hiking or for a walk. I feel like my endurance levels are high. 

Q:  Did you notice changes in your mood, energy and/or sleep patterns during the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge

A:  I have felt less grumpy, more centered/focused, less stressed and sleep better too. 

Q:  Now that the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge is complete, what commitment have you decided to make to your ongoing fitness and/or health & wellness goals? 

A:  I continue to run in the mornings, 4 - 5 days a week, for 15 to 20 minutes, because I don’t always have 30 minutes. I also try to go to class 3 - 4 days a week. I’m trying to focus more on my eating habits because they suck. 

Q:  Would you do the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge again? 

A:  I would do the Challenge again!! Several of my friends on FB saw all my posts and asked if they could join next time too! 

When asked if she had any advice for those who will sign up for the next Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge she said this, "When you're awake for 14 hours a day, it's only 30 minutes out of the day. That's only 0.3% of your awake time!" She went on to say that, if you need to, break up the time if you have long as you get it in! 

Lisa was not only an inspiration to her Facebook friends and coworkers, she was an inspiration to the Chrysalid Transformations team! From a treadmill run to Socaerobics fun, we looked forward to seeing what she was up to each day!