Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge: Checking in with Anna

While at brunch with friends one Sunday morning, Anna was convinced to participate in the first Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge. And from there, Anna recruited her  dear friend and coworker, Lisa AND her sweet pup, Pogi. That's right, this Challenge is for friends and pups alike! 

Q:  What was your activity level prior to the start of the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge?

A:  I did workout before this. I used to do 4 days of classes at work, or try to, and short walks with my fur baby, Pogi. I skipped Wednesdays and classes too sometimes just because. 

Q:  What made you decide to take on the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge

A:  You guys! You were talking to us, and friends, about it. I was gonna skip it. I thought what I've been doing is enough. But then everyone else signed up so I had to join. No way would I not be a part of this challenge with friends. 

Q:  Was staying committed to the 30 straight days of cardio more of a physical or mental challenge? Maybe neither? 

A:  More mental. Not skipping Wednesday’s workout anymore was kinda difficult because it was my rest day. But I had to remind myself…I am in this challenge full time. No cheating. No excuses. 

And I guess kinda physical for Pogi. Morning and afternoon longer walks for him was a shocker, I think, but then later on, he didn’t mind! he actually loved longer walks. 

Q:  Was it easier to stay committed because you had a “partner in crime” to help keep you accountable and/or because of the general idea of it being a challenge? 

A:  YES!! Here is what makes a huge difference for me, having Lisa as my partner in crime! More like her inspiring me. This challenge changed her attitude, our attitude. She is a great friend and a great inspiration. And yea, her FB postings challenged me. 

Q:  Were there days when you just didn’t want to participate in the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge? If yes, what made you push through? 

A:  Yes! On weekends. But then once I checked FB, I would see Lisa’s postings and wow! I ain’t stopping because if Lisa can do it, make time for it, then I can do it! And then, you posting you guys working out in the gym and talking to us, they were very motivating! And my friends Millie and Amelia postings, I mean we helped motivate each other! 

Q:  What changes, if any, did you notice physically from start to finish? 

A:  I know I became stronger. My upper body is definitely stronger because of the equipment I use in the gym on Wednesdays. And not just physically, but mentally. I am more focused at work after working out and yea, I have this positive attitude. And yea, happier. I think it has to do with working out with friends. 

Q:  Did you notice changes in your mood, energy and/or sleep patterns during the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge

A:  Yes! As I mentioned, I feel happier! Like I have this high energy!! Yea, the challenge definitely made me sleep better! And it helped Pogi too! 

Q:  Now that the Chrysalid 30-for-30 Cardio Challenge is complete, what commitment have you decided to make to your ongoing fitness and/or health & wellness goals? 

A:  Still doing it! It’s not over for me. That's my challenge, to not end it just because it ended. The result of me joining 30430 helped me realize too that I have to live a healthier life because it leads to a happier life. 

When asked if she would participate in the Chrysalid 30-for30 Cardio Challenge again, Anna replied with an excited, "Definitely! Count me in!" She went on to share that she loves a challenge and this opportunity was only made better by the motivation and support she received throughout. 

We couldn't be more proud of Anna (and Pogi) for the commitment they made to their health even beyond completion of the Challenge. And who knows, with the continued strength training Anna is doing as part of her health & wellness mix, she may decide to get on stage to compete in a fitness competition!