I Don't Cook...But I Can Follow a Recipe!

Written By Penny Samuels

Cooking has never been my thing…but I love to eat! And I'm sure I could find several people who probably feel the same way. That said, I wanted to challenge myself to make my wife breakfast for Valentine's Day. Easy and simple enough, right? 

Well, sure! But she requested French toast. The thought of preparing breakfast for someone who I refer to as a “chef”, made me nervous. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I attempted French toast. In fact, I really didn't know what to put in it. 

So, on Valentine’s Day morning, I woke up at 6:30AM and instantly started visually preparing the beautiful breakfast for my wife. After letting my imagination play for a bit, I took a deep breath, jumped up and headed to the kitchen. 

I pulled up the recipe that I found to guide me through this process and set out all the necessary ingredients. Luckily, and to my advantage, there was a four minute video attached. How simple? “I got this, I thought to myself.” I followed every detail listed and, with a little confidence, prepared a tasty breakfast that not only surprised my wife, but myself as well. 

Often we are on the go in life and no one really has time to prepare a homemade meal. However, I realized that cooking at home doesn't have to take hours. The prep time for my breakfast took me 15 minutes and the cook time was another 12 minutes. 

Funny thing is that after seeing her response, I felt the urge to challenge myself to another meal. Hey, I might be on to something.