For the Love of...

Sex and the City. I love it. The series. The movies -- OK, maybe not both movies. I love the characters, how the stories seem to effortlessly unfold into real life, creating a bond between us. I watch the reruns, knowing every scene, but not knowing, always feeling like I catch some previously-missed nuance of a familiar conversation, eliciting a new level of thought, feeling.  

Back in July of 2002, the Season 5 Sex and the City premier included a scene where the women discussed the notion of “great loves”. Charlotte, ever the hopeless romantic, told her friends about the article that declared we only get two “great loves”. As they discussed which friend still had room left on her dance card, Carrie was saddened by the realization that she had indeed already come and gone.

At 24, I’m not sure that scene meant much to me. My mid 20s were for living blissfully (or foolishly) in the Land of Break up to Make Up. I think I loved that Land, as it mixed excitement with freedom.

But, at 37, as I come to grips with the fact that I am knocking on 40's door, the idea that each person is afforded only “two great loves” in this ever-growing, ever-shifting life is nothing short of BONKERS. I mean, at 37, I have had a generous hand-full of “great loves”.

My greatest loves have invited me to give my heart freely, with this delicious sense of reckless abandon, leaving me wanting to do everything from belt out laughter from the pit of my belly to sob hot, salty, achy tears. They have made my soul melt quietly, slowly, like a pat of butter on hot French toast. And they have made me want to be a better, stronger, more understanding and loving human being.

From my Parents and Words to my Partner and the Ocean, my loves have been varied and deep. And I haven't even experienced motherhood...yet.

But, in it all, through life & death, break ups & make ups, location changes & personal growth, there has been one constant, never-ending GREAT love. A love that has followed me through the decades, going where I go, living as I live, growing as I grow, stopping as I stop. There has been one love that has never left my side...for better or worse.


Yes. FOOD!

Whether I'm buying it, looking at it, cooking it or serving it, Food has always had a special place in my heart...and always will. Food speaks for me when I can't speak for myself. Food shows love when I want to pretend to remain angry. Food connects me to you, you to me.

So, as I said, life is too fabulous to be restricted by the notion of ONLY having two great loves. I mean, I would hate to have to flip a coin between my Dad, my Partner and the fresh-baked strawberry shortcake-esque cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter.